Refund Policy

Aimlet guarantees the qualitative services which are listed on this Website

Its features are designed for customers for their changing technology needs and demands. Our motto is to make your way easier with a secure system in advance technology.

Aimlet assure support and satisfaction in all our services which are listed on the website, however in case you are not satisfied with our services, please do email us at [email protected], We promise immediate remedies and amendments within 72 hours from the time of complaint throughout if there are any technical difficulties in your services

Aimlet offers REFUND to all its customers who have taken services and wants to terminate their services, customers will have to put the complaint within 10 DAYS for FULL REFUND from the date of subscription with questions asked considering dissatisfaction under no resolution.

POST 10 days the refunds or termination of services would be under Pro-rated basis for the services classified under subscription.

Please review our Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions before taking any of our Services. We offer a detailed description of its Services. Therefore, it is assumed that the customer has reviewed services of choice and is satisfied with its quality before effecting an actual purchase of said services. With knowledge of the above, no refund/return request should be solicited by the buyer/user after 10 days from the date of purchase.

Please mention your reason for a refund beyond no resolutions, under such request, an email will be sent to you after it has been determined whether a return/refund is necessary. In case you are still not satisfied with our assurance and commitment and want an immediate return, in that case, it is determined that your service offered is defective, we would be accepting the request and refund your money to your bank or credit card account, whichever is applicable at the time of purchase. Under special conditions, only the refunds would be processed by other instruments. All refunds would be credited on the account within 7-10 working days after acceptance of Refund request.

Please send all return/refund requests to: [email protected]